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Shenzhen Xin Cheng Yu Teng Technology Co., Ltd. was established in November 2009, is a collection research and development, production and sales in one specializing in the production of headphones, data lines of the modern enterprise. Headquartered in Shenzhen City Shiyan Yuanling New Wing Fung Second Industrial Park on the second floor, in Heyuan, Hubei Branch.

The company set up its main production base in Heyuan City in 2012. The company now has 300 employees and a daily output of 30,000 sets (including headphones and accessory data lines).

Companies continue to strengthen product quality management, improve process standards. In April 2014 in Hubei set up a set of high-end handsets supporting hands-free headset, USB data cable and tablet computer research and development, production Tianmen Xin Cheng Yu Teng Electronic Technology Industrial Park.
Company is located in Tianmen Jianghu Farm Industrial Park, covering 50 acres. In the first phase of the project, the company invested more than 20 million yuan and started construction in April 2014. The construction of headsets, office buildings, canteens, factory roads, greening of the environment, fire protection and distribution rooms in the plant area was initially completed. Put into operation in November the same year, the existing staff of 400 people, the output of 40,000 sets (including headphones and supporting data lines). Now our total daily volume of up to 70,000 sets.
The company mainly produces cables and headphones, speakers, speakers electro-acoustic products, to provide all kinds of data cables, connectors, power lines and other products development and processing. Also has the headset, data cable product development capabilities, products: headphones, earbuds headphones, ear-hung headphones, USB cable, USB-ISP data cable. For computers, mp3, mp4, cell phones, walkie-talkie, video machines.

Headquarters address:Floor 2, Xinyongfeng Second Industrial Park, Yuanling Village, Shiyan Town, Bao′an District, Shenzhen
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